Review – Eternal #3

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Creator – William Harms
Writer – William Harms
Illustrator – Stefano Simeone
Colours – Adam Metcalfe
Letterer – Jim Campbell

Summary – In a world of clones, the future of humanity hangs in the balance. Gail and her fellow renegades have attacked the holding pen of the only non-cloned humans in the city. New Life has sent its officers, including the tough-as-nails Rathmann, who is ready for a rematch with Gail.

Review – Eternal #3 picks up straight after the end of the second issue with the attack on the cloning factory still on-going as everyone struggles to make it out alive. We are shown Violets struggle to save Jane, a pure who has been the subject of human testing/torture, and how futile her attempts seem. Elsewhere, Rathmann is still dealing with his new-found disillusionment with the New Life and makes a series of decisions in the issue which further distance him from his ex-employers.

As always, the artwork for Eternal #3 is great. The futuristic quality of it really benefits the story and the soft colours used in the panels give it a nice edge that i can’t quite put my finger on. But it is nice and more importantly, it’s nice to look at.

Overall – Eternal #3 is the penultimate issue of this great new series and it doesn’t disappoint. All the plotlines from the previous issues are addressed and expanded on in a way which leaves the reader genuinely excited for the final issue. The plot is backed up by the artwork which is consistently enjoyable and really helps to sell the story as a whole.