Review: Eternal Warrior Vol. 1: Swword of the Wild

Eternal Warrior Vol. 1: Sword of the Wild

Collection: Eternal Warrior #1-4

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Writer: Greg Pak

Artists: Trevor Hairsine (#1-4); Brian Reber (#2); Clayton Crain (#2); Diego Bernard (#3-4); Alejandro Sicot (#3)

Inks: Alejandro Sicot and Vicente Cifuentes (#4)

Colors: Brian Reber (#1, #3); Guy Major (#3-4)

Letters: Simon Bowland (#1-2); Dave Sharpe (#3-4)

Collection Cover: Clayton Crain

eternal warrior vol. 1: sword of the wild

This is my tenth installment on my Valiant reviews series. The other nine reviews can be found here at So far I’ve covered X-O Manowar, Harbinger, Bloodshot, Shadowman, Archer and Armstrong and the crossover event: Harbinger Wars. Check back next week for my review of Archer and Armstrong Vol. 2: Wrath of the Eternal Warrior.

eternal warrior vol. 1: sword of the wild

The artwork of Eternal Warrior Vol. 1: Sword of the Wild by Trevor Hairsine, Brian Reber, Clayton Crain, Diego Bernard and Alejandro Sicot was surprisingly consistent. They all have pretty similar styles: straightforward and understated. Which is a good thing as the changes are not distracting from story. It all flows together nicely and fits well with the story. As does the coloring by Brian Reber and Guy Major. They have a good way of making the focalpoint stand out in the panel. Reber and Major have great shade variations throughout the book that create layers of color. This really brings the panels to life. Simon Bowland and Dave Sharpe did a great job on the lettering as well. Nice consistent letters. Good font choice and nicely laid out.

eternal warrior vol. 1: sword of the wild

Greg Pak’s story of Eternal Warrior Vol 1: Sword of the Wild is very entertaining. Good dialogue and great characters. Nice pace and flow mixed with decent choreography. True, the book is filled with an ancient war raging on in modern day. And Gilad is the greatest warrior who ever lived. But the story itself, if given some thought, can be seen as a character study of Gilad, the Fist and Steel of the Geomancers. Greg Pak delves into Gilad’s sense of duty and purpose. The Eternal Warrior’s strong moral and ethical standing. Even his perception of family is explored. The character of Gilad Anni-Padda and his world are in great hands with Greg Pak.

eternal warrior vol. 1: sword of the wild

Eternal Warrior Vol. 1: Sword of the Wild follows an immortal named Gilad Anni-Padda. After thousands upon thousands of years and countless battles and wars Gilad is quite simply the greatest warrior and battle-strategist the world has ever known. He once fought for the Geomancers, the protectors of the Earth. But the Eternal Warrior has forsaken this fight for a life of peace and seclusion. That is until his daughter, Xaran, long thought dead, comes along. Xaran brings with her a war that has been raging for millennia and that is a fight for which Gilad once had a strong sense of duty for. Can Gilad and Xaran work through their estranged relationship in order to protect the Earth?
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Eternal Warrior Vol. 1: Sword of the Wild

Eternal Warrior Vol. 1: Sword of the Wild








        • Good story
        • good art
        • nice pacing
        • good characters


        • only 4 issues instead of the usual 6-8