Review: Evil Empire #7

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Publisher: BOOM! studios

Writer & Creator: Max Bemis

Illustrator: Andrea Mutti

Colours: Chris Blythe

Letters: Ed Dukeshire

Cover: Jay Shaw

In Max Bemis’ ‘Evil Empire #7′ President Duggins’ reign over his self proclaimed ‘Evil Empire’ continues to fester in the United States and begins to show signs of spreading across the world.

Issue seven depicts the resistance acting out on a small scale against Duggins’ new order, in which he encourages the American people to do as they please and break any law they see fit without repercussions. Having this new way of life turned against him, Duggins is forced to tolerate these actions of public humiliation, despite his frustrations in order to continue with the next stage in his plans.


Bemis’ vision of a politically ‘freed’ America under it’s twisted and warped new President is nothing short of fantastic so far, a refreshing break from the super powered norm that we’ve grown to expect from comics over the years.
With every new installment we are given glimpses of just how Evil Sam Duggins actually is and just how far the corruption goes, and with every new revelation Bemis gives us another piece to the puzzle of why he is the way he is.
The characters depicted in this series are so well written and three dimensional, intelligent with motivations, insecurities and their own goals and ideals, watching them interact with each other with their deeply self-analytical views of themselves has turned out to be one of the highlights of the series so far.
Bemis’ adds a splash of his dark humour to this, at times, heavily political series on occasion at just the right moment to break up tension and sometimes requires a double take just to recognise what had just happened.


Evil Empire #7 continues with the already established perfect blend of intelligent writing, tension, excellent character driven story and a dash of twisted humour, all mixed into an Evil delight, with all that included you know it’s a series to pick up.

Andrea Mutti lends his wonderful illustrative talent to bring this issue to life, with bold use of shadows to enhance the ominous atmosphere, lingering behind President Duggins mysterious plans.
Mutti manages to display a great range of emotion in the characters depicted enhancing already fantastically written panels with a bold and modern style which really helps emphasise the contemporary setting which makes this series all the more credible, begging the question ‘what if this happened?’


The Evil Empire continues to expand, so far it has a gripping story that’s turned into a page turner and issue seven is no exception, accompanied with stunning visuals, honestly, it’s a series to get into, true believers!