Review: Faster Than Light #1

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Created by Brian Haberlin & Skip Brittenham
Story & Illustration – Brian Haberlin
Colours – Gerriod VanDyke
Lettering & AR Data – Francis Takenaga
Programming – David Penz
Faster Than Light is brought to us by the creators of Anomaly Productions (Habberlin, Brittenham), a story about a newly invented way of space travel and how it’s hoped to be used to begin a new mission. Faster Than Light, like past Anomaly Productions creations, uses 3D comic technology to give the reader a greater insight into the story and a cool way to allow the audience interaction with the characters.


We start the story by meeting Saul Fredricks, creator of this new faster than light space travel, as he’s interviewed. We then meet the crew and the Council who take turns in discussing their thoughts and feelings on the mission and each other. It becomes clear not all is what it seems on newly named ship The Enterprise, what with former Captain Grissom being demoted and a new Captain Forest taking the helm. The Council explain that they wish this mission to succeed in finding the right defence against the creatures that appear to lurk in space. Although with new found planets being discovered before even setting off, the mission becomes altered. What lurks on these dark planets? Time to switch to your 3D app!



(some of the 3D features from Faster Than Light)

As much as the Augmented Reality app certainly gives Faster Than Light a pretty futuristic and ‘in the moment’ feel to it, it doesn’t deter from the fact that the story is solid and interesting – I actually read it through first without using the app. What it does do is add little features that are handy to know. We get to check out the tech of the space suits, have a peek at what may be lurking within this mission and a chance to hear from Forest and his personal feelings as well as any official statements. This certainly brings the comic together and, to be honest, it’s pretty neat to see those Tendrils coming out of your laptop!

I’d certainly suggest experiencing Faster Than Light and checking out the mission of Anderson and his crew. Really looking forward to see how the story works out and of course to check out the 3D Augmented Reality again. If you aren’t familiar with much of Anomaly Productions work I’d sure make a start here, if you are then this won’t disappoint!