Review: Fistful of Blood #2

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Fistful of Blood #2

Publisher: IDW
Written & Art by: Kevin Esatman & Simon Bisley
Colours by: Tomi Varga

Fistful of Blood #2 Blondie discovers the deep, dark secrets of the “Town With No Name” – it will take everything in her arsenal to survive the first night…

Things that go bump in the night in this town are not to be trifled with as Blondie finds out, luckily enough she is a force be reckoned with. The towns weird and wonderful history attracts some fans as the weird and wonderful always do, but the welcoming committee they receive might make a meal of them.

Fistful of Blood #2

Fistful of Blood #2 continues Eastman & Bisleys homage to Fistful of Dollars/Yojimbo and this issue is basically a big scrap with Blondie versus a McDonald and some new folk visiting the creepy wee town. Blondie is still capable and Kevin Eastman has made her a femme fatale of epic proportion. The fact that she never speaks still perplexes me and that vampire said she tasted bad has my mind racing to what she could be. The new upgraded art for the miniseries is very easy on the eye and is big, bold and brilliant a visual feast, which is what comic books used to be all about. The colours by Tomi Varga are minimalistic and moody with each page being mostly in tones rather than set out colours and it works, especially in the battle in the bedroom and the setting sun landscape with the fanboy tourists. Now that all the players have been introduced and established the next two issues should be good with Blondie doing her bit and shaking the two families down and hopefully we get a bit more of her background too.

Fistful of Blood #2

Fistful of Blood #2 in conclusion is still good fun and the simple premise and great art work are what it makes it work, this of course is helped by having two of the industry’s giants of Eastman and Bisley whose careers span over 30 years. This is the comic book style I grew up reading and its good to see this story getting a second chance especially as i missed out on it first time round. It’s interesting that this story is over 10 years old and that the genre of vampires and zombies is still going as strong as ever in a multitude of formats on-screen and in print. Hopefully this will lead to more Heavy Metal stories getting the stand alone treatment.