Review: G.I. Joe #6

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Publisher: IDW
Writer: Karen Traviss
Art: Steve Kurth
Colours: Kito Young
Letters: Tom B. Long

Every time we review an issue of IDW’s new G.I. Joe series, we always say things like “things are heating up!” or “it’ll all kick off soon!” Then, the latest issue comes in, with yet more talky business and the barest hint of any action or forward progression. Honestly, it’s getting a little dull. But, then, there’s always something in it that makes us look forward to the next issue. “Oh man, that cliffhanger! The next issue should be wild!”

G.I. Joe #6 is more of the same, in every way. For half a year now, the story circling Rashidov’s separatists and Isaac Craft’s defection from Cobra has been growing in complexity, with many players on the board. It’s an interesting story, but with so many players moving so slowly, it’s been difficult to trace any forward momentum at all. Then again, this issue ends with what could be a pivotal moment, the point where all parties start to close in on each other. The thing is, every issue ends like that.

The highlight of the issue is Scarlett finally getting something to do. As the G.I. Joe team leader, Scarlett’s role in the book has been nominal. With so many characters to deal with, the individual Joes themselves have yet to make much impression, let alone their team captain. It’s good to see Scarlett out and about, but it can make you yearn for more good character moments like it.

On the plus side, Steve Kurth’s art is getting better each issue, bolstered by Kito Young’s colour palette, which moves away from the faded browns of the first few issues. The book is well put together in every way, which makes it frustrating when the plot fails to move in a way that’s entertaining or engrossing. Still, the next issue might be better…