Review: Godzilla in Hell TPB

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Publisher: IDW.
Writers: James Stokoe, Bob Eggleton, Ulises Farina’s, Erick Frietas, Brandon Seifert, Dave Wachter.
Art: James Stokoe, Bob Eggleton, Ibrahim Moustafa, Buster Moody.
Colours: Marissa Louise, Dave Wachter.

The king of the monsters is about to face his greatest challenge, taking on a myriad of nightmarish scenarios as Godzilla slowly makes his way through the various regions of Hell.

This trade paperback collects all five issues of the mini-series Godzilla In Hell published by IDW, a selection of tales that takes a slightly different approach to the norm, allowing a large group of artists and writer’s to delve into what nightmares haunt the lumbering monster whilst keeping to a simple story thread, Godzilla trying to find a way out of Hell; a great idea that does feels a little disjointed on the first read mainly due to the many different approaches.

With each issue being drawn and written by a separate team there is a confusing consistency as they each offer their own unique take on what they feel Hell has in store for when Godzilla arrives. There are a couple of standout stories, mainly the ones that are hand painted with huge panels bursting with colour, the quality and finish to these tales is exceptional.

With Godzilla being a monster of few words, this book is for the majority, silent so apart from the familiar screeches it is the direction offered by the artist’s that tells the tale, from huge battles against familiar enemies to more emotional moments and even a little humour, most of the creative teams get it right, though one of the issues does feel a little messy, however this may be more down to the scope of the battle taking place and the way we receive reviews.

Fans of this classic movie monster are in for a treat here, with  Godzilla in Hell crammed with battles of an immense scale, this collection of comics is barely able to contain all of the action.

Story: 4/5

Art: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

An excellent addition to the IDW Godzilla series.