REVIEW: Grayson #1

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Grayson #1

I will say this; I was one of the people yelling about what happened to Dick Grayson in DC’s event book, Forever Evil. I was annoyed that my favourite Nightwing had been unmasked, beat up and almost killed. I was worried about where this fresh run would take a post-Nightwing, Dick Grayson.

This is a different book. Tim Seeley and Tom King co plotters of this book, open with a bombastic mission that involves radioactive Russians, running around on trains as well as a smart appearance from a fan favourite, bat family character. This book reads like a spy thriller, but put through the blender of super hero antics.

Dick has joined the ranks of SPYRAL, at the behest of Bruce Wayne, to be his mole in the organization that was last seen in Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated run. What Dick’s ultimate goal is here, is not delved into much in this issue. Which is a good thing, it allows the book to open with more of a bang and get the mission statement out there.

This is a spy book, more Jason Bourne than James Bond, and I am rather excited to see where the story goes, given the last page reveal. Having Tom King on this book, with his previous work as a counter terrorism officer, is a well worth tapping, and I hope we see more in the line of straight spy antics going forward.

Though I will concede if we get another Dick vs Midnighter fight on a regular basis, I wouldn’t mind either.

The art by Michael Janin is really quite good, he frames the gymnastic action sequences very well and his faces have always been impeccable. (see his work on Justice League Dark folks) He has a lot to work with here overall. The panels involving a Radioactive Russian in particular are worth looking at for a while.

This was an incredibly busy issue, and that’s not a bad thing for a #1. I hope for more focused story telling going forward and some more crazy spy fun.

Sigh of relief Nightwing fans, Dick is in good hands.