Review: The Great Divide #2

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The Great Divide #2

Publisher: Dynamite

Story: Ben Fisher

Art and Lettering: Adam Markiewicz

Colors: Adam Guzowski

Logo Design: Patrick Brosseau

the great divide #2

The artwork of The Great Divide #2 by Adam Markiewicz was good. Adam Markiewicz puts a lot of work into his panels and it shows. The layouts and detailed-backgrounds are great and the characters are penciled and inked well. His style is simplistic, yet very effective. Adam Markiewicz did a decent job lettering The Great Divide #2 as well. Adam Markiewicz chose a good, consistent font that was a nice size and easy to read.

the great divide #2

The colors of The Great Divide #2 by Adam Guzowski were a nice addition to the presentation of the comic. I found that Adam Guzowski’s coloring fits well with Adam Markiewicz’ artwork. The color choices are subtle but very effective. They really add to the whole surreal and desperate mood of the book.

the great divide #2

This issue, The Great Divide #2, by Ben Fisher goes a hundred miles an hour from the starting line. Ben Fisher’s story is action packed and world-expanding. A really fun comic. I particularly liked the introduction of the Riders. Ben Fisher does a great job exploring this multiple-personality experience. Ben Fisher gives us a sorted-tour of the apocalyptic wasteland that is the world of The Great Divide. A world full of fear, desperation, survival and a wide variety of psychos. The Great Divide #2 is just plain old apocalyptic-goodness wrapped up in great characters. Ben Fisher does a great job with this story. Building the world slowly and steadily while exploring characters. This isn’t easy. But Ben Fisher sure makes it look that way.

the great divide #2

The Great Divide #2 finds Paul with Carlos in his head because of their having had skin contact. Since the Great Divide whenever two people touch one another’s skin, one dies and the victim become trapped in the survivor’s mind. They are called, “Riders”. But paul is not alone on the road of death and chaos that is The Great Divide. Carlos’ sister Princesa is on the road with Paul and they are both just trying to survive. Surviving in such a crazy environment means that they are always on the move. Going from one score, from one disastrous situation to the next. Paul and Princesa are running from their last robbery where they stole some gasoline for their motorcycle. They are running from bandits, collectors and, of all things, naked people. Which would be unsettling enough on its own but is actually scary when you consider the consequences of skin contact. The world has gone mad and there’s only two ways to be in such surroundings and only one religion to believe in: be among the living or be among the dead.

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The Great Divide #2

The Great Divide #2








        • great story
        • great charaters
        • good artwork


        • may not be appropriate for all readers