Review: Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest

Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest

Collection: Green Lantern Corps #19-20, #23-26 © 2008

Publisher: DC Comics © 2008

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Pencils: Patrick Gleason with Carlos Magno

Inks: Drew Geraci, Prentis Rollins, Derek Fridolfs, Tom Nguyen, Dan Davis, Rebecca Buchman, Rodney Ramos

Colors: Guy Major

Letters: Steve Wands with Phil Balsman

Cover: Patrick Gleason, Prentis Rollins, Guy Major

green lantern corps: ring quest

Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest is my tenth review in my Green Lantern series. The other nine reviews can be found at I’m also reviewing Valiant Comics from their 2012 relaunch up to present day, and the New 52’s Batman titles. So, if you like this review, check those out too.

green lantern corps: ring quest

The artwork of Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest by Patrick Gleason and Carlos Magno was both good and bad in my opinion. The backgrounds and layouts were good. Virtually all of the non-human characters were great. While the bodies of the human characters were good, I personally do not like how the human faces were done. The inks were decent, but a little heavy-handed – over-shadowed. The coloring by Guy Major was really good. Major brings depth and life to the panels with his lighting and color-variations. The Letters by Steve Wands and Phil Balsman was tight and efficient. Nice, consistent, easy to read letters.

green lantern corps: ring quest

The story of Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest by Peter J. Tomasi was awesome. Geoff Johns gets a lot of praise for his work on Green Lantern. But the Green Lantern universe would not be what it is without the first class writing of Peter J. Tomasi. Tomasi weaves a great tale during his time on the Green Lantern Corps title. I liked his style of flushing out the characters, particularly Mongul. I love the way he sets up future stories without taking away from the present one. Great dialogue, pacing and choreography. Just, flat out, well written.

green lantern corps: ring quest

Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest picks up at the end of the Sinestro Corps War event. The Sinestro Corps has been beaten down to but a few remaining lanterns. In an effort to stop the Sinestro Corps’ recurrence the Green Lantern Corps has been charged with finding the yellow rings left from the dead members of the Sinestro Corps. But things are never easy for a Green Lantern. One of the yellow power rings falls into the hands of Mongul – the same Mongul that, along with Cyborg Superman, destroyed Coast City. The murderous and power-hungry Mongul is however not satisfied with just one yellow power ring. He wants them all. It’s Mongul, yellow power rings and Black Mercy against the Green Lantern Corps.

green lantern corps: ring quest
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Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest

Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest








        • Great story
        • great coloring
        • great villain


        • Artwork could have been better