Review: Green Lantern: Secret Origin

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Green Lantern: Secret Origin

Collection: Green Lantern #29-35 © 2008

Publisher: DC Comics © 2008

Writer: Geoff Johns

Pencils: Ivan Reis

Inks: Oclair Albert

Colors: Randy Mayor

Letters: Rob Leigh

Cover Art: Ivan Reis and Dave McCaig

green lantern: secret origin

This is my eleventh installment in my Green Lantern series. I’m covering everything from Green Lantern: Rebirth through the New 52 to DC: Rebirth. The other ten reviews can be found here at Check back with us next week for my review of Green Lantern: Rage of the Red Lanterns – the start of the amazing crossover event: Blackest Night.

green lantern: secret origin

The pencils and inks of Green Lantern: Secret Origin by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert were great. Iven Reis’ pencils are very detailed and the faces are highly expressive. The panels have good, dimensional layouts that bring depth to the otherwise two-dimensional images. Oclair Albert’s inks were the perfect accentuation to Reis’ artwork. The detail and expressions are really defined well. Randy Mayor’s coloring really brings Albert and Reis’ work to completion. Mayor’s bold color choices and dimension through shade-variation is impressive. In his hands Albert and Reis’ work comes to life in a big way. Rob Leigh’s lettering was, of course, perfect. He does good, consistent work every time. Nice layouts, no bunching of the letters, good font choice and an easily readable size.

green lantern: secret origin

The story of Green Lantern: Secret Origins by the great, Geoff Johns, was a revealing look into Hal’s early days as a pilot. He signed up, despite his mother’s objections, the day he turned eighteen years old. Even years later though, despite having his dream job, the death of Hal Jordan’s father still plays a big role in who he is. He is reckless on and off work. He destroys expensive equipment while defying orders of safety protocols. He struggles in his relationships with both sexes and gets in fights (or at least he hits people). That’s his life on Earth. But now, as the Green Lantern of space sector 2814, Hal has a lot to learn. He needs training on being a Green Lantern and using his power ring. And he has big shoes to fill on top of all that: Abin Sur’s.

green lantern: secret origin

Green Lantern: Secret Origin also reveals what was happening with Abin Sur when he was wounded and crashed on Earth. Having heard the prophecies of the Inversion – the last survivors of sector 666 – Abin Sur escapes to battle against the Blackest Night. The rage of the Red Lanterns has been unleashed and Atrocitus is on a dark mission. Plus, Hector Hammond’s origin, Atrocitus’ ritualistic-murder of the Five Inversions and his attack on Black Hand, Sinestro’s betrayal and desire to continue Abin Sur’s mission and Hal’s first adventures with the Green Lantern Corps.
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Green Lantern: Secret Origin

Green Lantern: Secret Origin








        • Good story
        • good art
        • I loved learning more about Abin Sur
        • Good jumping on point