Review: Hadrian’s Wall #2

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Hadrian’s Wall #2

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel
Art, Colours, Cover: Rod Reis
Lettering: Troy Peteri

In issue #1 of this miniseries we saw Simon Moore, an insurance investigator, sent to the spaceship Hadrian’s Wall in order to rubberstamp as accidental the death of its first officer, a man called Edward Madigan, who died when, during a spacewalk, his visor cracked. What nobody knows, though, is that Edward was married to Annabelle, Simon’s ex wife, who also is on the Hadrian’s Wall. The meeting between the two of them is… let’s say awkward. Also, we see someone flushing the pain medication pills Simon is addicted to down the drain. Uncomfortable…


Issue #2 opens with Simon talking to the captain of the Hadrian’s Wall; there’s something strange in their conversation: is captain Drekker trying to hide something? Is it only his ignorance? The ship doctor seems unprepared to handle Madigan’s autopsy, and many crew members appear to have been hiding a certain dislike towards the dead man. One of them has a theory about Edward’s demise, which seems to point – again – to it having been an accident, caused by the deceased’s carelessness. But Simon still isn’t convinced.

Hadrian’s Wall is definitely a mystery/thriller series, with Simon Moore in the part of the damaged but willing detective and… well, everybody else as the suspects.


The two writers have created fantastic characters by giving only a few lines each (although we do get to see their personnel files), each of them individual and very recognisable. Rod Reis’s art is, in this series, something special; he stepped up from his already amazing work on C.O.W.L., giving to this whole series a slightly claustrophobic hue – justified by the fact that everything takes place on a single, not very big spaceship, the Hadrian’s Wall, and therefore in a relatively enclosed space.

Hadrian’s Wall is – at the end – a murder mystery (although it might not be a murder after all), so it is unadvisable to start reading it from issue #2; but I would suggest to find the first issue and start from there: it’s worth it!

Hadrian's Wall 2

Hadrian's Wall 2








        • Great art
        • Interesting plot and characters


        • Oppressive environment
        • Everyone is a suspect