Review – Hellraiser: Bestiary #3

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Writer – Ben Meares
Illustrator – Akiel Guzman
Colours – Matt Battagalia

Writer – Ed Brisson
Illustrator – Alexis Ziritt
Colours – Felipe Sobreiro

The Hunted: Part Two
Writer – Ben Meares & Mark Miller
Art – Carlos Magno
Colours – Matt Battagalia

Summary – The trip through The Cenobites’ Bestiary continues! This month, Ed Brisson (Sheltered) and Alexis Ziritt (The Package) show us how smartphones and the LeMarchand Device are connected in ‘Conduit,’ while in ‘Puzzled,’ a young man with an aptitude for solving puzzles finds refuge with the legendary device. And finally, Pinhead erupts against the forces amassed against him in part three of ‘The Hunted.’

Review – The first story we are given is Puzzled which details the story of a father and son who become obsessed with puzzles and are eventually led to the infamous Lament Configuration. The story is good but the twist ending feels kind of flat and when it’s compared to some of the previous issues this is quite disappointing. The art is very nice and it is easy to pick up on the emotional strain that the father displays.


The second offering is Conduit and this story is interesting for exploiting modern forms of communication in order to torment an individual. Again, the story here is decent enough but seems to lack the charm or interest of earlier stories and, even though the accompanying art has a much darker feel to it, it is not enough to truly elevate this story.


The final piece is a continuation of the Hunted storyline which has been a highlight of the series so far and it continues to show Pinhead in his struggle to get revenge for the theft of his head pins. The story continues to be slightly gory as a still-smoldering Pinhead is forced into the sewers to protect himself. As with Part 1 and 2, the art is consistent and makes use of some wonderful red/pink colour schemes.


Overall – Hellraiser: Bestiary #3 is a slightly disappointing issue which fails to have a single stand-out piece which can match it’s predecessors but it is still a good read in it’s own right.