Review – Hellraiser: Bestiary #4

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Writer – Lela Gwenn
Illustrator – Daniele Serra

…And God Will Send His Angels
Writer – Christian Francis and Ben Meares
Illustrator – Huseyin Ozkan
Colours – Matt Battaglia

The Hunted: Part Four
Writer – Ben Meares & Mark Miller
Art – Carlos Magno
Colours – Matt Battagalia

Summary – The descent into darkness continues with more all-new tales of the Cenobites! First, in “Study,” Lela Gwenn and Daniele Serra follow a anthropologist who goes from observer to subject, while in the continuing story “The Hunted,” Pinhead begins his counterattack against those trying to usurp his power.

Review – Hellraiser Bestiary #4 is a very interesting issue which introduces two new stories and a continuation of the Hunted series. The first story is Study which tells the tale of an anthropologist who has dedicated her life to studying pain and rituals and her admirer. The story is good yet short but the artwork is stunning. The gothic-watercolour style is beautiful and easily grabs attention.



The second story we are introduced to is …And God Will Send His Angels which focuses on a child who suffers under her abusive uncle and finds help, not from God (to whom she had been praying) but from a different source entirely. This story is probably the strongest of the three and it gives further dimensions to the roles of the Cenobites and the rules they must exist by. The art for this entry exists mainly in green and pink hues which is quite different but very nice to look at.



The final offering is a continuation of the Hunted storyline which has been present since the first issue. In Hellraiser Bestiary #4 we are shown the beginnings of Pinheads revenge against those who stole his head pins and while the story is good in itself it does feel like filler before we hit the main bloodthirsty revenge bonanza that the reader is expecting. The art by Magno remains consistent and the earthy quality of it is particularly inviting.


Overall – Hellraiser: Bestiary #4 is a very strong entry to the series as both of the new stories are quite strong on their own and also the Hunted storyline is now beginning its race to the finish line.