Review – Hellraiser: Bestiary #5

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Don’t Look
Writer – Michael Moreci
Illustrator – Paolo Villanelli
Colours – Felipe Sobreiro

Folie A Deux
Writer – Valerie D’Orazio
Illustrator – Vincent Nappi
Colours – Vladimir Popov

The Hunted: Part Five
Writer – Ben Meares & Mark Miller
Art – Carlos Magno
Colours – Matt Battagalia

Summary – As we venture deeper into the Bestiary, Michael Moreci (CURSE) and Paolo Villanelli take the puzzle box through a hospital in “Don’t Look,” while in the penultimate chapter of “The Hunted,” Pinhead finds some unexpected help in his fight against the poachers.

Review – We have finally hit the penultimate issue of this series and Bestiary #5 is another great example of how good this series is. The first story Don’t Look focuses on a young man who is determined to help his partner (who is trapped in a mental asylum). This story shows the level of corruption which an item like the Lament Configuration can cause when possessed by fanatics and is a decent story in it’s own right. The artwork is quite good with the design of the head doctor giving a definite creepy vibe.

The second story is Folie A Deux (meaning – a shared delusion) follows two gay couples and shows the bonding of two of the men over a set of novels known as the Winding Way books, with disastrous consequences. The artwork is very dark and almost surreal with the design of Pinhead in, what looks like a, train conductors uniform quite jarring.

The final story is the continuation of the Hunted storyline. Bestiary #5 sees Pinhead dispatching more of his would-be assassins before deciding to up the stakes a little by introducing some of HIS friends. Magnos artwork here is consistently lovely and i am genuinely excited for how this story will be concluded in the final issue

Overall – Hellraiser Bestiary #5 is a very good issue which has a nice mixed style of story telling and artwork which keeps the overall series very fresh.