Review – Hellraiser: Bestiary #6

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A Place For Every Thing
Writer – Christopher Sebela
Illustrator – Matt Battaglia

The Science of Madness
Writer – Christian Francis & Ben Meares
Illustrator – Peter Bergting

The Hunted: Part Six
Writer – Ben Meares & Mark Miller
Illustrator – Carlos Magno
Colours – Matt Battaglia

Summary – The final chapter of this Hellraiser anthology arrives with perhaps its most shocking stories, as Christopher Sebela (Dead Letters) teams up with Matt Battaglia for a tale of a hoarder unlike any you’ve seen on reality TV. Also, Ben Meares and Peter Bergting (Baltimore) show us a scientist racing to crack the secrets of the puzzle box. In the finale of “The Hunted,” Pinhead comes face to face with those who want to steal his pins.

Review – Hellraiser: Bestiary #6 opens with A Place For Every Thing which shows the dangers of hoarding and being somewhat insane. It’s a really interesting story as it’s one of the very few where the main character seems to benefit from their use of the Lament Configuration. The artwork which accompanies this story is good and the sketch-like quality of it is excellent.

The second story we are given is The Science of Madness and, again, it’s a new take on how an individuals psyche can influence their experiences with the Lament Configuration and its cenobites. The victim in this offering is a scientist who becomes obsessed with the box and has a decent surprise twist at the end which was nice. The art is lovely and in particular the last few panels are genuinely unsettling and creepy.

The final offering is the conclusion to the Hunted storyline which has linked all six issues of Hellraiser: Bestiary. With the portal to hell open and an army of cenobites at his back it isn’t long before Pinhead has the complete upper-hand over his would-be pin snatchers. There was always going to be one ending to this plot and while it was genuinely enjoyable i was kind of hoping for one last twist or surprise but nothing came. The artwork was consistently good and lived up to its five previous issues.

Overall – Hellraiser: Bestiary #6 is the final issue of the Bestiary series which offers two new interesting tales which are fitting for the final issue and a good conclusion to the ongoing plot. The Science of Madness is probably the stand-out story from the issue although both of the others are strong enough in their own right.