Review: Hexed #3

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Created and Written by Michael Alan Nelson
Illustrated by Dan Mora
Colours by Gabriel Cassata
Letters by Ed Dukeshire
Published by Boom Studios!

Last month when I reviewed issue #2 of Hexed I was pretty blown away, the art was some of my favourite of the past year and I waxed lyrically about how much I enjoy a female protagonist, the artwork and the story overall. We’ve followed our hero through hell, we’ve had her family and friends strive to try and bring her back but with little in the way of luck. We’ve seen villains fall and others ready to take their place.

In comics though you’re pretty much only as good as your current issue which brings me to Hexed #3.

But Michael Alan Nelson can rest easy as this issue continues the fine run that this book is on. We have a bit more poignancy in this issue, characters reflecting on what has gone passed in the past two issue, and with the addition of a new character wrapped in a mummy style outfit I believe that there’s plenty more to come from this series. Our new character, speaks only one word during the issue, she otherwise speaks through, lets just say an interpreter, she is incredibly interesting despite her lack of vocal power. I look forward to her story continuing with hopefully more of an explanation of her past.

As with the last issue the art is superb. the colours are bright and vibrant but also dark and enclosing Dan Mora and Gabriel Cassata together is onto a winner. It’s safe to say that I love the art in this series, probably not as good as the last issue but I believe that there was probably more to do with the art and colours in the previous issue. One of our main villains is actually pretty freaking scary looking, and our nameless character also looks great the floating bandages give her character a grace that she wouldn’t normally have. A good series made better with some exceptional artwork.

This is a great series, probably my second favourite supernatural comic going at the moment behind Image Comics Five Ghosts it can be funny, smart and utterly beautiful. I wouldn’t really recommend this particular issue as a jumping on point, maybe a bit too much has happened at this point for it to be a first issue for a newcomer, but with only two previous issues it should be very easy to catchup with. And if you’re a current reader then like me you must be looking forward to where it’s going to go.