Review: Hollow Girl

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Hollow Girl 01

Created by Luke Cooper

It is quite rare I should be lost for words but I don’t quite know where to begin with this review of Hollow Girl #1 (subtitled ‘I am no-one’) by Luke Cooper.

I was introduced to him as an artist through Good Cop, Bad Cop and have been following him on Facebook and in print for a while now. You could almost call me a fan girl.

Naturally, eagerly anticipating this title as he posted concepts and sneak peaks, I had high expectations for it and that is dangerous territory to tiptoe into! So easy to be disappointed when the bar is set so high!
Would it be as good as it looks?
Is he as good at writing as he is at illustrating?

There is a simple answer to these questions.

Hollow Girl is a concept that was cleverly explored and executed. Starting as an idea for a short, a hollow concept of a killing machine, a hot chick with guns.
I am so very glad that Luke ran with this, explored the concept, her motives and background – because a hollow character concept became a chilling and beautifully fleshed out character. ‘Hollow’ Girl is truly a fitting name for this heroine.

HG 03

A girl with no soul, with potential for letting in great evil but instead taking on the role of vengeance for wronged souls who can inhabit her form.
She wears a mask, which manifests with features of her targets and changes as the story evolves. This is almost I spit on your Grave (the revenge section) meets Dollhouse with a twist of Tarantino. Taking away her pretty face and hiding her behind a mask works on so many levels – it is this that seems to seal the deal in taking this story a step ahead of the rest.

The story flickers between present time and our lady kicking ass, to her background story, of how she murdered her own parents but could feel nothing. The mirroring of images between times ties this in masterfully, it is consistent and visually well arranged.

HG 04This has Luke’s iconic digital artwork – instantly recognizable and dark and haunting to compliment the story. A real noir horror feel.
The story is so well paced and clear to read I devoured it. Months of anticipation gone in only a few minutes. Thankfully this is one I can re-read and savour.

For me, this is an Arkham Asylum of a novel, A concept that could easily go on to be as strong as Sandman or The Crow. Something that stands out in a vast sea of talent.
Plus Kat, (our Hollow Girl) is a wonderfully complex character for one so empty… and I can’t wait to explore her depths!

I had good feelings about this one – and Luke more than met my expectations.
He blew my mind.

To follow and contribute to getting this gem in print, check out the kickstarter opening today, i know i am!