Review: Injection #1

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Warren Ellis
Art: Declan Shalvey
Colour: Jordie Bellaire
Lettering and Design: Fonographiks

Your opinion of Injection issue one will definitely depend on your love, or lack thereof, of the mysterious. If you enjoy cryptic introductions that raise more questions than answers then you will love this book, but if you prefer for first issues to set the scene and explain some of the key concepts you will be dealing with throughout the series then it might not be for you. However despite that, I think it is intriguing and well crafted enough to make any sci-fi fan want to read on.

Ellis starts issue one in Sawlung Mental Hospital where Professor Maria Kilbride, a patient at the hospital, is meeting with a woman known as the Control, who manages the department of Force Protection International that Maria works for. Little is said about what FPI does, but it is clear it is related to some kind of strange goings on, which they seem to want Maria to fix.

Moving between time period, Ellis then goes on to introduce readers to the other four members of the team Maria previously worked with. The use of cool colours during the flashback definitely help to differentiate it from the rest of the book and I hope it will be used throughout the rest of the series. Little is said about team members Simon and Vivek but it seems likely they will be touched on more in latter issues. Robin and Brigid on the other hand feature quite a bit in this issue as Ellis returns to the present day and shows how that despite the fact the team has been dissolved they are still very much affected by it to this day.

Ellis’s writing in this book is great with some really nice dialogue that clearly shows the different relationships between different characters. The issue ends with a great one-liner certain to make you want to read on. Even though this issue doesn’t give much away the chimage1aracters are already being developed and the reader is given a feel for their different personalities. The development of Maria will perhaps be the most interesting seeing as she seems to be the one most drastically affected by past events.

There seems to be various science fiction elements to this book all of which seem to be somehow related to the mysterious injection, which was created by the team and appears multiple times in issue one. I particularly loved the design of the injection symbol, which has a rather futuristic and ominous look about it. In general the art in this book is beautiful particularly when looking at the change in certain characters over time. It is clear that whatever happened to them between the time the group was formed and the present day has taken its toll. The slightly dark colour gives this book a slightly eerie feel to it, which was most effective in the more fantastical scenes in this issue. The only real problem with the aesthetics of the book was the lettering. The bold yellow lettering seemed radically out of place and was rather distracting from the rest of the story, which was a real shame as the rest of this book fit together seamlessly.

All in all, Injection issue one was a bit of a mixed bag. The writing was definitely interesting but also a tad cryptic and as far as the looks go it would have been perfect if it wasn’t for the ugly yellow lettering. However I have no doubt issue one is more than capable to draw people in and leave them wanting more.