Review: Insufferable On the Road #1

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Publisher: IDW
Writers and Artists: Mark Waid and Peter Krause
Colours: Nolan Woodard
Letterers: Troy Peteri

Insufferable: On the Road follows the lives of two ex-superheroes, Nocturnus and Galahad, a father and son team who are trying to make ends meet after the reveal of their alter egos. This issue strives to create a realistic portrayal of superheroes where the super villains and world ending events are replaced with debt and unemployment. So does it still manage to thrill and enthrall even without some guy a metal suit trying to blow up the universe? Actually yeah it does.

The story is solid yet interesting. Starting off with an exposition dump informing us on the rise and fall of our dynamic duo, Nocturnus and Galahad. How they were their cities favourite, their dramatic reveal of their identities and Galahads attempt in the world of public speaking. Normally such a method is often rather blunt but here it moves seamlessly into the story. The flow of the comic continues this and we get a great introduction to an interesting story that is motivated more on character interaction rather than events.

The art works well in giving a believable tale of superheroes and works towards helping us understand these characters we have just been introduced to. However some parts feel a little lazy. A couple of the larger panels do seem to be exact copies used 3 or 4 times with only changes in dialogue. Though this does not ruin comic it does feel a little odd after the effort the artists have put into it. I should also say look out for a cameo of Jeff Bridges character, The Dude from the Big Lebowski. Has nothing to do with the story but it’s cool to see him.

Overall this comic is an interesting start to hopefully a great story with some characters you will want to follow and learn more about.