Review: Intersect #6

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer, Art, Cover, Colours, Lettering: Ray Fawkes

That time of the month again. I mean, time to try to understand something about Intersect. The most interesting monthly challenge in this reviewer’s activity as a… well, as a reviewer.

First of all, what happened in the first five issues? Detroit has changed. Apparently, it is now made of human flesh. We have been following a creature born from a merger between Jason and Alison: they were a couple, but one of them died. Not for any extraordinary or supernatural event, just one of the usual, sad tragedies life may bring. While the other one (initially we are brought to think that the survivor is Jason, but we can’t be really sure) visits his/her partner’s grave, “it” happens. What “it” is, we have no idea.


The Alison/Jason creature, in which Alison seems to be taking the upper hand, was accompanied by “the Kid”, Alison’s younger brother who was in a coma just before “it” happened. But the Kid has gone. There also was Lucky, the couple’s dog, who seems to have grown a human body (maintaining a dog’s head) and a mean streak.

In this sixth issue of Intersect, Ray Fawkes shows us the creature still lost in the city, still wandering and wondering, trying to make sense of everything. Maybe when he/she/it manages to, we will understand as well. Maybe. If we really want to.


This issue ends a story arc, or maybe the whole miniseries. There is no mention that it is destined to close, but… well, it would make sense. This could very well be the end of the whole story. For good. Actually, I’d be surprised to see it continue. Then again, Fawkes seems to have made a habit at surprising and shocking his readers.

The story is delirious. The art… well, it is exactly what you’d imagine with such a story. It is handpainted, it completely ignores the usual boundaries of a panel or even of a page…

Intersect is an experience to be enjoyed. Slowly. And carefully.

Good luck.