Review: Jim Butchers Dresden Files: Down Town #5

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Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Writers: Jim Butcher and Mark Powers
Pencils: Carlos Gomez
Colours: Mohan
Letters: Bill Tortolini

This penultimate issue from the pages of the Dresden Files really knocks it up a gear, the already enjoyable story reaching issue five and not letting up for an instant, Jim Butchers Dresden Files: Down Town offering 22 jam-packed pages of non-stop magical action.

Following a series of brutal murders, wizard for hire and protector of Chicago, Harry Dresden had been called on by the local police to help with their investigations; who along with his temple dog Mouse and wizard in training Molly Carpenter find out the hard way that an ancient golem has been instructed on a murderous rampage by an unseen puppet master.

With a little sleuthing and a lot of luck, this strange team are led to the underbelly of the city, a place of living nightmares not travelled by mere mortals, a place where the shadows alone are enough to kill you, which would be enough if they were not also joined by the Baron of Chicago, an equally dangerous gangster by the name of Johnny Marcone who feels his patch has been attacked, the people of Chicago who are under his “protection” being killed off, Marcone taking this personally and has now formed an uneasy alliance with Dresden as they all delve deeper into the underworld, all of whom are clearly outmatched by the sheer brute force of the golem and his master, a being who possesses unbelievable powers.

Issue five of Jim Butchers Dresden Files: Down Town does not let up for an instant with the majority of panels on page containing action scenes and plenty of magical powers being shown off there is still somehow time to expand on the story, unravelling a little more about this mysterious man and his plans for endgame, which may arrive sooner than Dresden hopes.

The quality of the writing and direction from the team of Jim Butcher and Mark Powers really manages to keep a strong balance of detective noir infused with magic and explosive action, the snappy dialogue and thoughts of Dresden adding to the gorgeous visuals applied by Carlos Gomez and Mohan, to which there are no faults; as mentioned before, the level of artwork here is that of a well-regarded and quality product.

With the final issue looming this series so far has managed to turn someone who has never heard of Harry Dresden and the Dresden Files into a solid fan and I can’t recommend this book any more, if you are waiting for the collected edition or collecting the singles, it is well worth your hard earned cash.

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