Review: Jupiter’s Circle #2

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js 2 01

Written By Mark Millar
Art by Wilfredo Torres
colours by Ive Svorcina
letters by Peter Doherty
Editor Nicole Boose
Production Peter Doherty and Drew Gill

Where to start…?
Well, the simple and unimaginative artwork continues in issue two of Jupiter’s Circle by Mark Millar.  Actually it may have gotten worse, I am really having to fight the art snob in me to read this one. I remind myself… I enjoyed issue 1. A lot.

js 2 02js 2 03

I get that they are honoring the old school comic book super hero art but by gosh I have been spoiled rotten by artists like Simon Bisley, Ben Templesmith, Todd McFarlane and a whole host of interesting indies like Luke Cooper. I really tried to pick some of the more interesting panels to show too…

I just don’t personally enjoy comic book art that does not emphasize and bring something to the story – If it doesn’t add, it detracts – and the artwork in this series doesn’t add anything, it just plods along.  As I said in my review of issue 1, it isn’t bad art, it just isn’t interesting, so I would say, don’t let it put you off. But is the story as good as it started?

At first I wanted to say no, but the continuation of the blackmail story of an illegally homosexual superhero and how he handled it sucked me in again. I wish the characters were more distinctive out of costume though, sometimes it takes me a while to remember who is who. The token female in the team is so vanilla and dull, the other guys almost at this point repeat clones of superman.

js 2 04

I still have no distinct idea of each of their powers, and only a hint at the characteristics of each’s personality – but then I guess the focus has been on Blue Bolt (the only one whose name I can actually recall at this point. Can’t even remember his non-hero name. Probably not a great sign especially as whoever-it-is in the above picture is actually NAMED in the picture. )

I honestly cant quite say if this is a good series or not.  I still hold out hope for it but I lament the use of Mr Quitely as only a cover artist. I know that he took his sweet time with Jupiter’s Legacy and that they may have been tempted to bring in a more speedy art team, but despite the fact I like the territory they are exploring story wise, the art and design is just so forgettable I can’t see me going out of my way to buy the TPBs for this one.