Review: Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1

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Justice League Power Rangers 1 cover
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist & Colours: Stephen Byrne
Yes, you read that title right. Justice League/Power Rangers sees a coming together of titans: DC’s Justice League are placed up against the original Power Rangers. The Power Rangers are currently being published by BOOM! studios in an ongoing series.
The series starts with a flash forward showing us a glimpse of the world a few days from where the story begins. Angel Grove, a large town and home to the Power Rangers, is in ruins. The Rangers themselves look on, along side Superman, in despair. We then cut back to the past where we begin to see events that set this future into motion. There is a large focus on Zack, the Black Ranger, in this issue. Zack’s reaction is the one that we zoom in on and the narrative shows his point of view more than the others in his team. Due to events that cut him off from the rest of the Rangers, Zack finds himself in the middle of a strange and foreign city. He isn’t alone though as this city has a protector, the Dark Knight himself – Batman.
Justice League Power Rangers page 1
This has been a series that I have been quite excited for from the moment that I heard of its conception. It’s one of the most ridiculous ideas that could have been conceived. Yet somehow it also makes a lot of sense. The Power Rangers have enhanced strength and speed. They might not be Superman-strong or Flash-fast but they are still good enough to keep up. The overall set-up for the plot doesn’t leave too much to be desired and relies more on the idea of the two teams crossing over and the moments that brings than anything too meaningful. This comic doesn’t seem to want try and push any boundaries though, at least from how this issue comes across. It just wants to have fun – it’s essentially one of the best professional fanfics, in a good way. It will be interesting to see how they interact with the other members of DC’s heroes. I imagine from this issue, though, some people might be annoyed by their portrayal of Batman.
I really like the art style that was chosen for this series. Its strong bold colouring gives it a soft, cartoon-like feel, something that really goes well with its comedy tones. Even though this series is clearly going to have some darker moments from the set-up, overall it most likely will be a story of hope and friendship. Plus it is hard to do an idea like this and not find the absurdity hilarious. There are only a few moments where the art comes up short, usually when viewing things from afar or Trini’s face, unfortunately. There are some incredibly cool moments in this issue such as the effect when the Power Rangers Morph into there costumes.
Justice League Power Rangers page 2
Justice League/ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is off to a great start with this issue. I’m not a great fan of the flash forward trope the used at the start – I feel it takes away from some later developments in the story, since we know now that they will be friends with Superman. Showing them at odds with Batman loses some of its suspense and conflict. The story flows very well for the set-up. The crossover happens quite fast and it doesn’t decide to wait for the amazing moments – it jumps straight into them with one of the better ones going to the Pink Ranger. It ends on an amazing moment that leaves you wanting more and answers an age old question: “Who would win: Batman or the Power Rangers?”

Justice League/Power Rangers #1

Justice League/Power Rangers #1








        • Interesting concept
        • Great art
        • Cool fight scenes
        • Appreciates how ridiculous concept is


        • Story a little mundane so far
        • So many characters means some get a little lost