Review: Lumberjanes #6

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Publisher – Boom! Studios
Writers – Noelle Stevenson & Grace Ellis
Illustrator – Brooke Allen
Colours – Maarta Laiho
Letterer – Aubrey Aiese



Synopsis – It’s a race back to the cave for the Lumberjanes, this time with Diane and Jen in tow! There is more going on with these wolves and their gold eyes than the girls can figure out on their own, but with too much mystery surrounding Rosie it looks they have to go back to square one. Hopefully, this trip to the cave will have more answers.

Review – Lumberjanes is a delightful series which is both exciting and quite unique. This series is written by women, drawn by women and features characters who are all women. The comic industry as a whole comes under a lot of pressure to have better representation for women and this series is an excellent example of why.

This issue follows the girls as they play a very fierce game of ‘Capture The Flag’ and attempt to outdo and evade each other for as long as possible. It is genuinely funny how intense this game seems to be for them as the flick between military precision and girlish squealing.



Throw some magical occurrences into the pot and we have an interesting and engaging story that should amuse people of all ages.



The artwork for this issue is great and easily sells you whats happening on the page. The panels all work well together and give the story a fast-paced and exciting edge. It’s cartoonish but it’s nice to look at and the volume of expressions on each of the characters, both subtle and over dramatic, are very well done.

Summary – Lumberjanes #6 is a charming issue which is full of childhood fun and good art. With only two issues remaining in this set it isn’t surprising to see that this series has been picked up for further issues.