Review: Lumberjanes Gotham Academy #6

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Publishers: BOOM! Box

Writter: Chynna Clugston Flores

Pencils: Kelly Matthews & Nichole Matthews

Inks: Jenna Ayoub

Colours: Whitney Cogar

The final issue of Lumberjanes Gotham Academy is here. The two teams have to put their teamwork skills to the test as the party gets out of control. Louise’s “perfect birthday” party, which trapped them and de-aged the older people back into their teenage years, has begun crumbling around her. But what will happen when this 30 year-long birthday facade begins to reveal itself.

The final issue has a large focus on humour and heartwarming moments to keep it going. There are a lot of visual gags and one liners that, while not hysterical, certainly leave a smile as you go through the story. As Louise begins to come to terms with her birthday and her past we get a lot of moments where her friends from 30 years ago begin to reconcile with her and finally start to help her move on. We also get more of her back story and find out exactly how this happened. Ending on such a light tone was a good call for the series. With all the previous issues having mystery and some darker elements, this issue really has a feeling of closure.


Lumberjanes Gotham Academy also has some really cute art as well, another thing that really helps with the fun tone. The art seems more at home with a short, four-panel web comic, and not the most challenging art, but its bright, vivid colours and bold character outlines really make the characters stand out help to give it its vibrant, fun appeal.


While a fun read, I know I wasn’t this comic’s target audience. For a start I wasn’t familiar with either Lumberjanes or Gotham Academy before this. This plot is very thin, and not too challenging. While funny, many of the jokes felt too shallow for me. If you were looking for a good comic that works as an entry comic for a younger audience, then this would work. They might be confused by all the characters at first, and perhaps a second read might make it easier. Then, if they get hooked, going into the main series of both comics would probably help them enjoy this one even more.









        • Witty dialogue
        • Cute art
        • Feel good story


        • Shallow characters
        • Weak plot