Review: Masks 2 #7

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Masks 2 #7

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Illustrator: Eman Casallos
Colours: Adriano Augusto
Lettering: Rob Steen
 Cover A: Butch Guice & Alex Guimares
 Cover B: Jae Lee & Ivan Nunes

In Masks 2 #7 the machinations of the Red Death have scattered the masked heroes of three eras into the time stream. Now, wildly altered versions of the heroes have reunited for one last campaign to defeat the Red Death and save all of reality.

The altered time stream is taking its toll on the assembled masked heroes with their appearances and abilities changing as the time stream tries to hint at what needs to be done to put a stop the Red Death.Though thus doesn’t stop our masks from getting the job done.

Masks 2 #7

Masks 2 #7 now jumps in to high gear in its penultimate issue. The big introduction is over, the divided groups in different time lines is done now they are all together in one guise or another for the big showdown. Some of the alternate versions of the characters are quite good especially shadow and Black Terrors altered characters, this now reminds me of Exiles, Age of Apocalypse, Earth-2 and Greg Paks X-treme X-men  and any other multiverse/ alternate dimension story. I quite enjoy the what if elements in stories and characters as it can be quite good to see different versions of characters and what  the writer and artists imagination brings to their creation. Cullen Bunn has done a not bad job so far with such a large cast and i feel that this could have been going for a couple of issues more to add more substance to the characters especially the villain. the art from Eman Casallos and  Adriano Augusto agian is great with some nice 2 page splash pages showing all the characters in action and giving the new versions of the characters some life.

Masks 2 #7

All in all Masks 2 #7 has been a hoot so far and this issue is no exception is big, bold and  full of comic book goodness with good versus evil in all its machinations. My only complaint is that the story went from a slow burner to shooting to the end, hopefully the last issue will be a cracker and the Red Death will finally be explained in full. As the premise of a time travelling villain is not new but having these type of characters, which some are only masked vigilantes could and should have given the story a different perspective, but overall still jolly good show.