Review: The Meek #1

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Written by Patrick Scattergood
Artwork by Carlos Moreno
Cover by Carlos Moreno and Dan Barnes

The Meek #1 by Patrick Scattergood is a nicely illustrated indie zombie comic.

From the start this doesn’t have a very original feel, the story reminds me a little of I am Legend, man and his dog face off against the un-dead.


While covering very little in the way of new ground here the story is well paced and the artwork of Moreno has a nice clean inking style that I like.



It is written well and I love Moreno’s zombies. There is a slight disappointment that the overall finished comic doesn’t seem like it had a good cleanup in post production: occasional corrections are visible, the shade of the paper is still there leaving it a little washed out and grey looking. This does however make the white caption boxes stand out more, but it seems a shame that the beautiful line work Moreno has laid down isn’t as clean as it could be. Also, the comic would really pop if it were in colour like the cover!



That is not to say it doesn’t pop as it is – this split page for example is nicely laid out, I like the way Moreno uses a single image to split over panels. His perspectives are nice and this has the makings of a really good comic.



The similarities to I am Legend soon drop off and before long our protagonist has teamed up with an unwanted sidekick. He is being monitored by something more intelligent than the dead that are steadily evolving more wits, strength and agility too, and it is difficult to say which road this comic will take with him also having surviving blood relatives joining the mix.

It is like Scattergood took elements from almost every zombie genre out there and mooshed them together into his own story… and I must admit to being curious where he will go from here.

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