Review: Midnight of the Soul #5

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Series: Midnight of the Soul
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer & Artist: Howard Chaykin
Colorist: Jesus Aburtov
Editor: Thomas K.

Midnight of the Soul draws to a close with its final issue in the five-part mini-series. The conclusion to Joel’s life changing night is complete.

In the last issue Joel was hot on the trail of his wife. Instead of merely finding places she’d been at and had already left, he was finally just behind her. Problem was… some of the city’s violent gangsters were after her, too. In Midnight of the Soul issue #5 we see the inevitable confrontation between Joel and Patricia Breakstone. I can’t say much more, though, without spoiling the details.

To be blunt, Midnight of the Soul was a rather mediocre series. It’s not terrible but it never reaches any great heights. I wanted its concluding issue to make me think otherwise. It didn’t. It’s still just the grizzly ex-soldier action hero. Patricia is faithless and a whore and that’s the base of her character. Joel is an alcoholic and a living G.I. Joe and that’s his character. I feel like Diedre, a character who’s not important until issue #4, is the most complex of all of them.

The confrontation is, in my opinion, disappointing. Joel is a man of action rather than words but if any issue needed a good amount of exposition, it was this one. The event is shorter than I’d expected and ends as bluntly Joel’s personality. I suppose the ending to the series is nice considering but when the writing fails to make you care about the main characters then a “good” ending’s charm is lost.

The art was standard for the series. Fitting, since the series reads as “standard” all the way through.

Midnight of the Soul closes with an “okay” issue to an “okay” series that almost never made me think more than “that was okay.”

Midnight of the Soul #5

Midnight of the Soul #5








        • For those who like action, the final confrontation may be exactly what they wanted
        • Joel's life is truly changed after these events


        • Standard end to a standard series
        • Final confrontation is short and dull
        • Fails to make me care even its final moments