Review: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #7

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Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Writer: Kyle Higgins

Illustrator: Hendry Preasetya

Colours: Matt Herms 

Just when things already seem to be at their darkest for the Power Rangers, it gets darker still. Their base destroyed, Alpha and Zordon along with it and now Billy, the Blue Ranger, has been taken hostage. If Alpha was able to react to this, I think it would be along the lines of “Ay-ya-yai”

The Power Rangers comic continues to show what the world would be like when it adds in some realism  compared to the show and removes the everything is okay ending each episode had. This version of the Power Rangers is so steeped in its darker aspects it can perhaps seem a little jarring to those who have come into this from the series, though at the same time it has manged to keep some of the charm of the original, with the Rangers not giving up and still managing to be somewhat cheerful despite their dire circumstances.It creates something that is both familiar but also a refreshing new take on it.


The art of Power Ranger #7 also keep up with the tone by having the imagery being very dark and muted compared to some of the earlier issues. The colours feel very cold in this one and there is a larger use of darkness in the panels that make the images feel somewhat claustrophobic. Perhaps the most startling image is of the destruction of major landmarks. Now that the Rangers are away, Rita has come out to play and plans on attacking the rest of the Earth to subjugate it. Instead of just the fictional Angel Grove, we see Paras and Tokyo under assault. The pocket dimension world the Rangers escaped to last time helps add to the atmosphere, with it being desolate and in ruins, and the sky looking a sickly yellow, we get a sense of just how damaged the Rangers are.


With cool actions scenes, a dark, somewhat depressing tone, Mighty Morphing Power Rangers continues to be a startling, modern remaining of Power Rangers. The story moves at a fast pace and not pages feel wasted or to stretch out the story. It doesn’t stray to far from what you might remember as the Rangers try to remain a beacon of light, more for their own sake than anyone else, and still have moral lessons that they have to learn.

Power Rangers #7

Power Rangers #7








        • Strong story
        • Well paced
        • Art fits tone perfectly


        • Black and Yellow Ranger feel underdeveloped