Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #9

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Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Writer: Kyle Higgins

Illustrator: Hendry Prasetya

Colours: Matt Herms

Power Rangers #9 see the battle for the world continue and the Rangers rejoin the fight. Still cut off from their normal powers of transformation, they have used Tommy’s power to become an army of Green Rangers rather than different colours. Together they must stop the Black Dragon’s onslaught and save Billy, the Blue Ranger.

There isn’t much to the story of this chapter in the Power Rangers saga. It mainly focuses on the action as the new Green Rangers combine their efforts to battle the Black Dragon and reclaim their Zords. With them being two Rangers down they move away from their usual run-in-and-gang-up-on-the-enemy tactic. So while it is full of cool action sequences, there is no development for these Rangers what so ever. In fact, it is Goldar who gets the most development as we see with his conversation with Billy about his distrust of this Black Dragon and jealousy that the Dragon is out fighting the Rangers and helping Rita take over the world while he is locked away in the Dark Dimension.


Artistically there aren’t any panels that really stick out. The action scenes feel quite sluggish and seem to end before any real pay off. The scenes between Goldar and Billy, while good for the plot, don’t really add anything visually as it is just the pair talking in a black room. Billy’s head also looks really square in some panels and that feels a little disconcerting. The art does pick up a little towards the end of the issue so ends on a high note.


The problem with this issue is that it, while needed, it serves the poor purpose of being a set-up for the next issue. It is one of those ones where they needed the time and the pages to set everything up for you wanting more, but you know what is coming next is going to be better than the exposition chapter. You need the set-up for the pay-off and this issue certainly leaves you wanting that pay-off.

Power Rangers #9

Power Rangers #9








        • Goldar
        • Black Dragon seems like an interesting enemy
        • Powerful ending


        • Feels more like a filler for next month
        • Most of the Rangers still feel flat
        • Poorly paced action