Review: Monster Home #2

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MH2 1

Written by Dan Barnes
Art by Stefano Cardoselli
Cover Art by Gill Murillo

Monster Home #2 had me waiting for quite some time. That is the downside to many independent comics you see – low budgets and a small workforce mean that sequential issues can take a while to reach you – which is a pain in the bum when the first issue really grabs you.

Well I FINALLY got me a scootch at this issue and I was not disappointed!

The story is quite simplistic and follows Abraham van Helsing as he is guided through his new home in the institute where all the monsters he has previously captured are imprisoned, he himself the last monster to be homed there. He talks with each in person along the way, each having their own reasons to resent him.

mh2 2

This issue is a direct continuation of the first (which could be mildly confusing to anyone picking it up without reading Monster Home #1 so I recommend you do) and we are treated to the conclusion to the cliffhanger from the previous encounter with Igor (assistant to victor Frankenstein).
All the classics are there, Jeckyl and Hyde, The Phantom to name just a few and there is promise of more to come, I find myself excitedly awaiting the next cameo and trying to guess the monster!
The artwork is simplistic but atmospheric, it fits with the story and the lettering is well placed.
mh2 3

There is no Letterer names so I assume the artist has done this in combination with the art, and it fits well, I especially like some of the inventive ways they incorporate the words into the images.

My only grumble with this issue is that there was no cliffhanger as with issue one. I still want to read on, but I am not chomping at the bit as I was with the first issue. This is no complex story, it is beautifully simple; it has the horror fiends we all love and the age old theme of the righteous man who is every bit the monster as those he condemns. That alone has me hooked – but with sneaky promises of twists to come from writer Dan (NYA NYA, I know secrets!) I anticipate this being one to watch.

It is a great little comic that should provide happy nostalgia for any horror fan, whilst offering its own little twist on the tales.

Should you wish to find this indie comic, it is currently only available digitally from Dead Bride Comics: