Review: Monstress #8

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Monstress #08
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Marjorie Liu
Artist: Sana Takeda
Lettering: Rus Whooton
Editor: Jennifer M. Smith

Monstress #7 left us with Maika picking up the trail of her mother’s adventures in life. She puts it best in this issue when she, in her journal narrative, puts it as such: “I thought all that mattered was finding answers about your death… but it turns out your life is what I should have been hunting all along.” Maika is now more aware than ever of what kind of secrets her mother was involved in and is now putting herself in danger by following in her footsteps.

Maika, Ren, and Kippa are now aboard a ship heading for the mysterious Isle of Bones. The Isle is feared among sailors for its strange properties and because of how few return from going there. But Maika is hellbent on going if it means learning about her mother, Moriko, and the monstrum locked inside Maika herself.

In this particular issue all the action is aboard the ship Maika is on. We see Kippa learn to swim (mostly drown), Ren complain as he’s wont to do, and Maika act badass, sometimes to the point of obnoxiousness…

This issue wasn’t particularly the most noteworthy for action or emotion but it was still a good issue in a very good series. We also see more of the power struggle between Maika and the monstrum that lives inside her. The beast isn’t content to stay asleep and curb its appetites for a mortal’s convenience so it becomes unruly, to say the least. It’s also interesting to note that as powerful as Maika’s monstrum is, not even it is happy about their current destination. Some things can kill even a monster of that much power.

The art is beautiful as always in Monstress but it’s slightly slightly disappointing that this issue didn’t have a single “oh my God” sort of panel. The one where your jaw just drops from the beauty and terror of one of Sana Takeda’s drawings. If anything, though, that’s a point of praise because this comic’s art is so consistently beautiful I’ve become spoiled. The interaction between Maika and the monstrum are very good. Hearing the captain lecture Maika on how stupid she can be with her “I’ve got to do it alone!” attitude was great. The action in this issue is definitely setting up for bigger things. And lastly, the banter between Maika, Ren, and Kippa is fun as usual.


All in all, Monstress #8 was a bit of a lull but still a good read. I’ll happily continue to recommend this comic to anyone.

Monstress #8

Monstress #8








        • Art is beautiful as always
        • More information revealed from Maika/Monstrum interaction
        • Banter this issue is sometimes fun and sometimes needed


        • Feels isolated with all events taking place aboard the ship
        • A bit of lull in the dramatic action of the series