Review – My Little Pony: Fiendship is Magic #5

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Writer – Katie Cook
Art – Andy Price
Cover – Amy Mebberson
Publisher – IDW
The finale of the My Little Pony: Fiendship is Magic series is finally here and to make sure the series goes out with a bang Queen Chrysalis is the focus this week.
This week also marks a return of the usual My Little Pony characters who decide to visit her in captivity to both check up on the prisoner and explain some of her back story as well as her origin.
Like previous issues this issue is not so much a full origin story as more as filling in some of her past. That’s not to say that this weeks issue struggles like previous issues that have gone down this route, in fact the issue spread over thirty two pages does explain quite a lot and does so with humour which actually hits the mark. Some especially tongue in cheek with some of the characters knowingly remarking about how a thousand years ago seems to have been a rather busy year just allows itself to both revel and poke fun at the usual fantasy origin stories.
Andy Price’s art also helps create a rather fun but dark atmosphere, yes there is the usual candy coloured ponies but the added darkness of the dungeons and changelings just jars the right way. In fact there is one page in particular to look for that some younger fans may find more than a little unsettling but this is the villain series and it was bound to happen at least once within one of these issues.
The only thing that doesn’t seem to work this week is the cover, Amy Mebberson’s covers for the series are usually the selling point but this issues is sadly just good not great as we’ve seen in the earlier villain portraits provided by Mebberson.
The final issue of the series is one of the best of the past five weeks, both the story and art has returned to form allowing the series to finish on a high note. With the introduction of some key plot points in this issue also paving the way for a new story arc with darker elements it looks like the usual My Little Pony comic universe will be feeling the effects of fiendship for a little while longer.