REVIEW: No more heroes

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Written: Gordon McLean
Artwork: Caio Oliveira
Lettering: Kel Nuttal

No More Heroes is an absolute joy to behold. An intriguing and enthralling “who dunnit?” set in a world where heroes and villains are part of everyday life. It was originally released as a self published 4 issue release and was only available to buy online through their website. It was the professional comic debut for both Gordon and Caio, but in the best possible way, it does not feel like a first outing as the quality is higher than Charlie Sheen on his day off.

The story begins with our hapless protagonist, Sid Millar, an average guy who is thrust in to a world that is anything but. One drunken night while hanging out with friends, Sid receives a text message from an anonymous number asking, “Should I kill myself?” After establishing that none of his friends are responsible for sending the message, Sid is coerced into responding “Yes”. This may have been the biggest mistake of his life as the following day he finds out his actions may have caused the death of supreme crime fighter, “Dark Justice”.
The problem is compounded when Dark Justice’s former partner/sidekick “Black Fury” , turns up looking for answers and forces the guilt ridden Sid into helping him figure out what happened and who is responsible. As Sid becomes embroiled deeper and deeper into the investigation, things get serious real quick. With exciting twists and turns in the story and a cast of crazy characters including a guy who can rip off any appendage (yeah including that one) and use it is a weapon and a villain named Jack Slaughter who wouldn’t think twice about blowing up zoo animals with a Rocket Launcher (honestly…it does happen), you will not be disappointed after reading this.

Although the art is in black and white, the characters colourful personalities really bring this story to life. Like that dodgy Channel Five programme of years ago, the artwork is “bold and beautiful” and expertly captures the characters expressions and frenetic action sequences throughout this exciting 4 parter.
Gordon McLean states that he was inspired to write “No More Heroes” after having heard Mark Millar, Frank Quietly and co at a comic convention talk about how awesome it was to work on creator-owned titles, as it gave them the freedom to write what they wanted. Directly following this, on the train journey home no less, Mclean wrote the script for #1 of “No More Heroes”.

The connection with Mark Millar did not end there as he was first contacted by Caio Oliveira through the Millarworld forum and we should all be glad that these guys got together to give us such an interesting and fresh take on the usual superhero stories we are exposed to.

At the start of it all “No More Heroes” was funded with McLean’s redundancy money after losing his job, as well as the money he got from selling his Playstation games; now that’s a serious sacrifice for us geeks so my heart went out to the guy when I discovered he had lost money from a lot of potential sales after “No More Heroes” was uploaded to the web as a torrent file and was downloaded by 1600 plus readers. Rather than sit and stew about this McLean used it in a press release to show that his comic had gained download figures comparable to Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead”, now that’s a big deal when you think about the popularity of this comic Titan.

Anyway, just thought I’d include this as it was pretty inspiring stuff for any potential writers and artists out there.

“No More Heroes” is the real deal, please seek this out and read it as soon as you can…but do me a favour, give the guy some of your hard earned money for his efforts.

McLean will be at our very own BGCP Comic Mart on 19 and 20th July and has had a limited run of “No More Heroes” printed for the sale. If you want to get your hands on one of these little beauties, you had better be quick.

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