Review: Oddly Normal #10

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer, art, lettering, cover: Otis Frampton
Colours: Otis Frampton, Tracy Bailey, Daniel Mead
Alternate cover: Matt Kaufenberg

Issue #9 saw Oddly Normal, the first human child to ever live in Fignation after the disappearance of her parents, ending up finding something she liked in her new friend Ragnar’s house: a vaguely rabbit-looking artificial creature who can only say “oopie”. She also brought a sandwich to a troll living under a bridge, just because.


Issue #10 opens with Oddly waking up on Monday morning: it’s time to go to school. After a hilarious scene in which her new “pet” seems to be trying to stop her from getting ready, she boards an annoyingly cheerful school bug (not a typo – in Fignation children go to school on the back of a huge bug).

Once again, I have to say that Oddly Normal is… oddly charming. At a first glance, it looks and reads like a children book. Sure, a good children book, but still. And then… well, then you start noticing small details that go a little deeper, things that would and will entertain anyone. And some interesting reflections to go with them. The art is also pretty nice, with a style suitable for… well… children-oriented books, but not silly and simplistic as it could have been.


At the end of this issue, we get surprising news from Otis Frampton: this is the last issue of Oddly Normal. In a way. Because it is not closing. No, Oddly Normal will be issued as a series of Trade Paperbacks, skipping the monthly issues; Frampton adds that this was his original plan anyway. I can’t say if this operation will make this series more or less successful, but I surely hope that Oddly Normal will carry on for quite some time.

Concluding: Oddly Normal is an interesting series for everyone, definitely worth a try – whatever format it will be published in. And Frampton, in the letters page, gives us hints at something even bigger…