Review: Oxymoron – The Loveliest Nightmare

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Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare

Story by Tyler James & John Lees
Scripted by John Lees

Artwork by Alex Cormack
Colours by Jules Rivera
Lettering by Tyler James & Wes Locher
Assistant Editor Steve Forbes

What if The Joker came to a Gotham without Batman?

Known for other acclaimed comics such as And Then Emily Was Gone, writer John Lees has once again hit the ball right out of the park with this crime story which boasts a villain that would give most a run for their money. But this is not Lees alone, this is a beautifully crafted piece of teamwork.
Co creator Tyler James of Comix Tribe and Lees have woven together a believable and suspense filled crime story that stands apart from many that lack an understanding of the genre to really sell it.


Devilishly clever, the game of cat and mouse between this sadistic serial killer and the cops who are trying to catch him unfolds with finesse.


The art team involved are on their A game. This is not an amateur indie comic, this is something woven together with passion, pride and skill. It is comics like this that show you don’t need a big label to produce work of superb quality.

Oxymoron, the fiendish villain in this tale is unique enough to stand the test of time, all the while emulating Batman’s Joker. Still, with the feel of shows like Dexter and Criminal Minds (they liken it to Hannibal in the blurb) this tale, this villain is far more chilling. This is no super hero romp… this feels like V for Vendetta bred all it’s worst elements with the villain from Seven then read a lot of Batman comics and decided they needed to improve on the Joker.


It is easy with such a strong villain to overlook the crafting that went into the hero too. Those pitted against this maniac are just as lovingly crafted with depth and personality. Beginning with the stereotype of disgraced cop demoted and partnered with the rookie, the two grow into a good counterbalance to the chaos and terror that the Oxymoron is spreading.


Even the reminder from villain to hero “You are not in control” emulates deep seated fears the main heroine has about a health condition that leaves her powerless. Full of anger and guilt her sense of responsibility and determination, with her partner’s genuine desire to do good, they make a stark contrast to the remorseless glee the villain takes in dishing out his own brand of justice regardless of who is caught in the cross fire. She reminds me of Clarice Starling.

It is difficult to really go into this tale without giving away spoilers, this is the kind of story that hinges on the revelations amidst the chaos.
It is clever, it is violent and it is sure to keep you hooked. If you like stories like the Thomas Harris Hannibal Lecter books, Films like Se7en and villains like the Joker… I can’t see why you would not love this.

A solid 9/10

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