Review: The Plight #1

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Publisher: DWC (Desert Whale Comics)
Writers: Richard Allan & Greg Liddle
Art: Tommy Cree

Cal Parsons is an astronomer. While working with his bored colleague Arn Benedict (whose father is an extremely important man), he discovers a new short-period comet. To delve deeper into his new finding, he needs to cancel games night with his wife and two kids, who are understandably very unhappy and make this felt when finally Cal gets home. Meanwhile, in Mother Nature’s kitchen, two characters we will soon recognise (one of them looks a lot like Chuck Norris) are playing a game of poker.


A self-produced book created in Scotland, The Plight is a very interesting comic. The two writers crafted a fantastic story, with suspense and two parallel plots that do indeed converge towards the end of this issue (although maybe they already have, we just couldn’t understand that… no, I’ll leave each reader to create his or her own theory). The art is very atypical, vaguely reminding of 1980s independent comics – faces that are a little too geometric, exaggerated expressions, characters that vaguely look like each other. But, differently from those, The Plight doesn’t thrive on random swearwords and gratuitous nudity: there is no nudity here, and the swearing is limited to when normal people would, actually, swear. The dialogues are indeed very, very natural.


Why would I suggest to a comic enthusiast to pick up The Plight, then? Well, because it’s good. As simple as that. My only hope is that a second issue won’t be too long to come, because this first one ends in a cliffhanger that I personally can’t wait to see resolved.

Who should not read The Plight? People who don’t like comics, obviously; the easily offended (by certain topics, not by swearing or nudity which, as I mentioned earlier, are respectively very limited and completely absent); people with no sense of humour.

All in all, a brilliant first issue. Now we are waiting for the next!