Review: Power Rangers Pink #5

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Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Story: Brenden Fletcher & Kelly Thompson

Script: Tini Howard

Illustrator: Daniele Di Nicuolo

Colours: Sarah Stern

Power Rangers Pink enters its fifth and penultimate issue bringing the story towards its climax. Continuing with their fight, the five Rangers along with Goldar must work together to find a way to save the townsfolk and stop the giant evil Megazord that has begun to rampage.

This issue draws on a lot of the stuff from the later half of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series with a lot of little things, such as the motorbikes, or ‘Shark Cycles’ and Thunder Zords that I barely remember at all. The comic really does a good job of pushing the Pink Ranger to the front and centre. Focusing on her point of view most of the time we see her as leader, both strong and in command, but also empathetic and showing compassion even to her enemies. The Pink Ranger isn’t the only who shines though with Trini and Zach (the Yellow and Black Rangers) showing a lot of character in this issue and a lot of development from the show. Goldar too shows a great deal of depth and ends up being one of the best parts of this comic with the strange dynamic that he brings to the team. His whole “I hate you but I need you” shtick ends up being a good source of comedic relief in the serious moments


Unfortunately Britt and Serge fall short again. They bring some freshness as new Rangers and as original characters but not enough to be of much merit. They help by borrowing the power of the Red and Blue Rangers, but just seem a little flat compared to the others. Not just in terms of characterisation either, before I was annoyed at them as everything they did just seem to add to the Rangers problems, from betraying Pink to getting caught and slowing them down. This issue though they do something different – or rather they don’t do anything, not even as background characters kicking someone. They just react to things now and again and shoot the Zord with the Shark Cycles guns. The Pink Ranger’s mum ends up having cooler action scenes than them. Britt and Serge could have brought a strong dynamic to the team, but even their designs are bland compared to the other three. The only thing they have going for them is that they sometimes speak French.


I really enjoyed the art of the issue as well, though some of it was hard to see. There are many wide shots of the Rangers going against the evil Zord to show to scale of the ordeal that they have to overcome. Thankfully my review copy is in a digital format for zooming. The designs on the Rangers really stands out in one panel where they are depicted against the original costumes. The design choices for Pink are still my favourite part of the whole series. I’m both excited and sad for the next issue. With Pink ending it will be a shame to see a close to this lovely miniseries; at the same time though, it has been wonderful and the set up for the final issue seems great. Pink is a great addition to the ever-growing Power Rangers comic book world.

Power Rangers Pink #5

Power Rangers Pink #5








        • Cool designs
        • Interesting fight with Rangers at disadvantage
        • Goldar


        • Action scenes seem too quick
        • Cliche ending of everything pretty much returning to status quo
        • Britt and Serge