Review: Power Up #4

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Power Up #4

Publisher: Boom Studios
Writer: Kate Leth
Artist: Matt Cummings

In Power Up #4 Derek and Sal mistakenly get Amie’s mail with some scary consequences.

The weirdness continues for the chosen 4 after Sandy being confronted by her husband about her last issue, he is not pleased that his wife is a super hero, the trio and the goldfish still don’t really have a clue what s going and why they have powers and this is the topic of discussion along with the problem of the mis-posted letter to Amie’s neighbours. Also the revelation that Kevin was good at sports and is bad at housekeeping is revealed. Oh and super-powered alien battles.

Power Up #4

Well Power Up #4 continues with its cute and quaint take on strangers receiving super powers by mistake. After the origin of Sandy and Kevin’s powers last issue we are back to the aliens still trying to retrieve the powers that mistakenly been bestowed up our unlikely quartet and this drags in Amie’s neighbours who thinking her a bit of a flake have their eyes opened up the weirdness that is going on. Its fun if you like this kind of thing but i feel that its very timid and plain, parading Kevin round in his dress was amusing the first time but the joke wears thin and as a visual gag doesn’t have longevity, Kenny Everett was doing that kind of thing in the 80’s. The sheer bland soap opera quality to this of them sitting round saying there should be an instruction manual is also becoming tired and 4 issues in and its the same dialogue, my opinion is that this series should have finished this issue but has two more to go, The story doesn’t progress, that characters mill around trying to act normal, than an alien turns up and they fight it and go back to trying to be ordinary. This is not new and this story adds nothing to this so its very mundane, Kate Leth (Bravest warriors, Edward Scissorhands) seems to have run out of ideas early on in this series, it feels like it’s trying to be Scott Pilgrim and various Manga mixed but doesn’t quite achieve anything unique or new or interesting. The art by Matt Cummings  (Bravest Warrior, Steven Universe) continues to be patchy for my taste the more cartoony/japanese style works in some cases but with the story being weak this style does nothing to redeem the book and why Amie doesn’t have a nose still perplexes me, she looks like a hippo.

Power Up #4

In conclusion with Power Up #4  i am unsure to the age range and target audience of this book, if its targeted at the early teen bracket then maybe it’s doing what is intended otherwise it seems to be getting worse as the series continues by mundanely dragging out the scenario. The last few panels on the last page sum the series with Sandy saying “I keep hoping that this will start to make sense” and “It would be nice to have some answers that’s for sure ”  wouldn’t we all Sandy, wouldn’t we all. Not Boom Studios finest in my opinion