Review: The Punisher Vol. 1: In the Beginning

The Punisher Vol. 1: In the Beginning

Collection: Punisher #1-6 © 2004

Publisher: Marvel / Max © 2005

Writer: Garth Ennis

Pencils: Lewis Larosa

Inks: Tom Palmer

Colors: Dean White

Letters: Virtual Calligraphy’s Randy Gentile, Dave Sharpe, Cory Petit

Cover Art: Tim Bradstreet

the punisher vol. 1: in the beginning

The Punisher Vol. 1: In the Beginning is my third installment in my Garth Ennis Punisher reviews. The first two reviews, Born and From First to Last, can be found here on or on our Facebook page (Big Glasgow Comic Page). Garth Ennis’ work on Punisher is the stuff of legend. He is THE definitive Punisher writer.

the punisher vol. 1: in the beginning

The cover art by Tim Bradstreet is awesome. It looks more like an actual photo of Frank “Punisher” Castle standing in an alleyway in New York. I love the calm and collected, yet hard and cold look on Punisher’s face. This is made even more awesome by a hundred laser-scopes being locked on him. That is SO Frank Castle. Frank is like a rod of iron. He does not bend. He does not break. All of this can be seen in Bradstreet’s cover. I also have to mention all the cool, old school punk flyers on the wall. Even a CBGB’s poster! Bradstreet clearly has good taste in music.

the punisher vol. 1: in the beginning

The interior art of The Punisher Vol. 1: In the Beginning by Lewis Larosa was awesome. I loved his dark and gritty style. It is exactly how a Punisher book by Garth Ennis should look. While there is an obvious lack of background in many panels, the characters are detailed and well drawn. The inks by Tom Palmer were heavy with shadows and accentuating to the pencils of Larosa. His style really added to the dark, pulp feel to the comic. The coloring by Dean White was awesome. His style and color choices fit perfectly with the feel and tone of the book that is created by Larosa and Ennis.

the punnisher vol. 1: in the beginning

The Punisher Vol. 1: In the Beginning is proof that Garth Ennis was Born  to write Punisher. And, as Max Comics is a mature readers line, we get to see Garth Ennis in all of his glory. His no-holds-barred, gorey, shock-writing style couldn’t be more fitting to the character of the Punisher. Ennis imagine Frank Castle as a man immersed in a war of his own choosing. A man with a highly-trained killer inside of him and a flat out loathing for his victims.

Frank Castle is going to work on the New York underworld. But the organized-crime families aren’t going down without a fight. The Punisher is being watched by a woman who literally gets off on the death and carnage Frank Castle leaves in his wake. To complicate things even further, Microchip, Frank’s old partner, is back in town. But he’s not here for tearful-reunions, he’s here to help take down the Punisher. But first, Microchip has a deal for Frank that he can’t refuse. There will be blood. There will be death. There will be Punishment.

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The Punisher Vol. 1: In the Beginning

The Punisher Vol. 1: In the Beginning








        • Great story
        • Great art
        • Great characters
        • Awesome vision of the Punisher
        • Good price


        • restricted to adults only