Review – Ragnarok #4

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Ragnarok Issue #4
Drawn and Written by: Walter Simonson

From a video game point of view you instantly become drawn to the Ragnarok ideals, mainly because the skeleton vision of Ragnarok, the Stone God is so much like Death from Darksiders II, which is a selfish kind of way is what drew me to the series, albeit from the fourth issue in, but in terms of story it is very well put together, blending some much needed roots story wise with some really well thought out and sometimes meticulous artistry, all by the hand of the talented Walter Simonson.

The story has had our main bone mover looking for Mimir’s Well, the lost well of knowledge, hoping that he will find all the information he seeks to complete his journey, but as he does this he stirs other beasts and minions who have become restless now that there is a mysterious wanderer amongst them.

The artwork can sometimes look a little rough around the edges, but this adds to the appeal. Not to mention that is really lets the set pieces stand out all the more. Especially in some of the main arc points. An example of this would be when Mimir’s end is nigh and the way in which it comes really does leave a lasting impression. The variants that are on show is what stands out. We have greyish blue depression one minute and then via knowledge flashbacks we end up with lovely colourful moments that ring true to the styling and beauty that Ragnarok seems to show.

I do like the “YE OLDE” writing that Simonson gives us too. It is interlaced with the action and becomes intricate when it needs to be. It can sometimes get a little complicated, but this is more to the font used in these sections, which can be quite hard to properly read, but the gist is certainly there. It is a bit more refreshing to have something which doesn’t really go down the usual route of rehashed subject matter, as Ragnarok seems to blend a few ideas together, like portals from Stargate, the mythology of Thor and even the whole fantasy ethos with Elves and skull based beasts roaming the lands.

It is a decent story and a well drawn package. It is also something I wish I had read from the start, as I do feel like I am missing a fair bit of the integral part of the whole tale. This makes me sad, but as they say, better late than never. I really do like the drawing style, which excites and ponders in equal measure, with some writing that manages to embrace the visuals in equal measure. It IS a good read and should keep the gothic fantasy lovers happy, provided you’re into that sort of thing. I will try a and play catch up now in the hope I can get it all done before issue 5 rears its head. In the meantime I would happily suggest picking this up before you end up with your heart stuck between a Ragnarok and a hard place.