Review: Reborn #3

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Reborn #3

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Mark Millar
Pencils, Cover: Greg Capullo
Inks: Jonathan Glapion
Colours: Fco Plascencia
Lettering: Nate Piekos
Variant cover: Alex Garner

In issue #2 of Reborn we saw Bonnie, now… well, reborn and reunited with her (also long deceased) father Tom, being told that she is destined to save Adystria, the realm she was reborn in. Point is, nobody knows what she will save them from. Before she starts working on that, however, she decides to go see an old friend of hers – who became the queen of the faeries. Unfortunately, she transformed into an unbearable holier-than-thou character who refuses even to really talk to her. The issue concludes with a small diversion in the Dark Lands, where a very demonic “general” who could have come straight from the early issues of Spawn is plotting something dark along with Bonnie’s old cat Frost, who still carries a grudge against her for having been neutered (well, who wouldn’t, really).


Issue #3 opens with a dragon attack! The king of the dragons, who has the head of a lion, eats a flying elephant (no Dumbo references please) piloted by an old friend of Bonnie’s father. There’s also time for some family chitchat.

Mark Millar’s latest series is pretty weird. It looks like a light-hearted fairytale with a clever inception point, but it’s very clear that something darker is on its way, there is a clear feel that something… something bad is coming. We’ll already see some of it leaking into this issue.


The story in Reborn has now caught its stride, even though the fireworks are obviously still to begin. It is a fascinating fantasy saga, with all the classic clichés of the genre but without the over-seriousness that sometimes plagues it. Looks like Mark Millar decided to have fun here – and he’s managing to.

Greg Capullo’s art, that reminds closely of Todd McFarland’s style, is gorgeous, bringing this peculiar world to life before our eyes.

It may not be running at full speed yet, but Reborn is definitely a series to follow!

Reborn #3

Reborn #3








        • Amazing art
        • Interesting premise


        • Still not at full speed
        • Quite lighthearted