Review: Reborn #4

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Reborn #4

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Mark Millar
Pencils, Covers: Greg Capullo
Inks: Jonathan Glapion
Colours: Fco Plascencia
Lettering: Nate Piekos

Issue #3 of Reborn closed with Bonnie and her father Tom attracted with some tricks inside Black Wish Mountain, where Il Mago (an ally of their nemesis Golgotha) sends people he doesn’t like. A hulking character accompanied by a myriad of regular-sized goons faces them, planning to make a pulp of both.

Issue #4 opens with Bonnie reassuring Tom – she can take them all thanks to her mysteriously acquired fighting skills. And she does. Then, she decides to free the thousands of prisoners present there in order to get their help in getting out.


At a first glance, this series – the latest addition to Mark Millar’s Millarverse – is a simple, straightforward fantasy story with an interesting premise (people who die are… reborn in a different world. Where they can die again. And so on, we suppose). It is also the story of a person who has the body of a young woman, the memories of an elderly lady and the awareness of her strength of a toddler. Also, something bad is coming. Something very, very bad. We just don’t know what. But in the second half of this issue we see very, very interesting things happen…


The art by Greg Capullo (with inks by Jonathan Glapion and colours by Fco Plascencia) is quite bright, suitable for a high fantasy world, but at the same time it obviously hides something darker, that we see slipping through the cracks of the nearly idyllic world Bonnie found herself in. Obviously this is clearer in the “bad” characters… but not only. Is Bonnie, whose white armour is immaculate and who knew, in her previous life, most of the “bad guys”, the only one who’s not somehow, deep down, corrupted?

Reborn is a fascinating series. On the surface, it is a nice story of a battle of good versus evil; but there is something else hiding deep inside it, a surprise that we are sure Mark Millar will spring upon us when we are least prepared.

Reborn #4

Reborn #4








        • Great art
        • Action packed story


        • Lots of characters
        • Everything is still unclear