REVIEW: Revolution # 2

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Publisher: IDW

Story: John Barber and Cullen Bunn

Art : Fico Ossio

Colors: Sebastion Cheng

Letters: Tom B. Long

Edited: David Hedgecock

Editor – in – Chief: Chris Ryall

Publisher: Ted Adams


Review: Revolution

Revolution brings together some of IDW’s biggest franchises such as Transformers and G.I. Joe. Placing them alongside lesser known titles such as Rom and Action Man and more.  Never before have these titles been brought together as they have now. This adds an interesting dynamic to each unfolding issue.

This series as a whole represents the unfolding of a brand new comic book universe. Unlike with other companies however IDW is not starting these titles from scratch. Instead IDW brings together these titles with their own unique world and theme held intact.

 The art work in Revolution strongly compliments the writing style. For me this seems to be a symbiotic relationship. The art helps to emphasize the certain mood of a given scene.

One of the key ways in which the artist Fico Ossio establishes this mood is by having a strong focus on the face. By creating this focal point I felt that I gained a greater knowledge of certain characters more through imagery than words. With a combination of lighting techniques I often felt that I knew what characters where thinking. Often before reading what they had said.

 There is also a good use of foreground detail. Ossio uses the foreground to great effect particularly when it came to showing the size of the Autobots. Often perspective would also play a key role in this concept. Focusing the angle up words at such a severe angle it feels as though Optimus Prime (the Autobot leader) was towering over us. In doing so I felt myself not only overwhelmed by the size of these monolithic behemoths but also the power they held within. In the way it is handled the art not only looks good it also adds to the story itself.


The humans who we come across in Revolution so far have all been openly hostile towards the Transformers with little provocation. At times going so far as to put other human life’s at risk. It is the artwork within this second issue of Revolution which offers an explanation to this. In depicting the Transformers as he does Ossio gives us not only an idea of their power but of also why humans (Particularly the military) fear them throughout this story.

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Revolution # 2

Revolution # 2








        • Strong artwork which brings you into the story
        • Introduction to new characterrs
        • Strong story flow
        • Lots of action


        • Art can be blockish