Review: Robocop #007

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Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Writer: Joshua Willamson

Illustrator: Carlos Magno

Colours: Marissa Louise

Letters: Ed Dukeshire

Cover: Goni Montes

BOOM! studio’s Robocop series has been consistently faithful to it’s source material while delivering fantastic storytelling complimented with beautiful illustrations.
Robocop: Issue #007 continues this high caliber of comic as the first, magnificent story arc comes to a head.

Despite the police force still under a strict ‘no firearms’ law, the tides begin to turn as Detroit’s cyborg defender is finally equipped with a decent pair of running legs, making him physically more formidable than ever before.
Meanwhile Killian and his gang begin to feel Detroit’s finest closing in as the recently promoted Detective Lewis, tosses the rule book out of the window, beating Killian and his crew at their own game. Discovering evidence that directly links the troublesome arms dealer to very chaos he has tried so hard to conceal his involvement with, Lewis may have just tipped the scales of Detroit’s most brutal street war.

Joshua Willamson continues this fantastic instalment of the Robocop franchise, escalating the conflict between OCP’s police force and one of Detroit’s greatest threats to date.
Issue #007 depicts the turning point in that very conflict, with Robocop finally accelerating beyond 4mhp as he puts his new physical prowess into practice.
Willamson has once again perfectly captured the core of the characters from the original movie series and, as I have previously stated, managed to evolve them further into the next logical stages of their lives.
While for Robocop himself this is a very literal evolution in the form of a technological update, Lewis’ promotion to detective has has her play a key part in the unravelling of the mystery of this story arc. Unafraid to depart from the status quo, Willamson has managed to pen one of the most entertaining incarnations of Robocop ever to grace the pages of comics, while still managing to remain true to the original material.
If you couldn’t already tell, I love this series!

Carlos Magno once again, provides wonderfully gritty but beautifully detailed artwork to bring this issue to life. Magno’s work, at the risk of repeating myself from previous Robocop reviews, perfectly captures both the likeness of the actors of the original film series and the style of the era in which they were made.
Not afraid to illustrate the trademark violence associated with the franchise, Magno’s work and attention to detail embodies what I’ve loved so much about this series, that it’s very apparent that it is put together by people who both understand and appreciate the appeal of nostalgia.

With fantastic and natural development of the central characters, a gritty and grounded plot full of twists accompanied by simply stunning illustrations, the Robocop series is on fire.
Fans of the franchise will both enjoy it’s development and references to the original movies as well as it’s fresh but faithful take on Detroit’s finest and their cyborg secret weapon.
As the first arc comes to it’s gripping climax, I cannot wait until the next instalment!