Review: Robocop #010

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Robocop 010

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Alejandro Aragon

Colours: Marissa Louise

Letterer: Ed Dukeshire

This issue starts with the idealistic lie that OCP want the people to believe before thrusting the reader into the harsh reality that Robocop and the rest of the Police force must face. They have to protect a city that is trying to take them down, to save those who don’t want to be, as Killian begins to approach what appears to be the final stages of his plan by tearing the city apart from the inside. The story’s pacing is very well done, with the two central teams: Robocop’s on the beat and Detective Lewis’ doing the research needed to help crack the case. It is also interesting to see the two of them grow with their new partners, both with very different personalities, and the bond that starts to form between Murphy and his new partner Kaplan. Splitting between the two groups and Killian means the story never feels like it lingers too long or moves to fast giving it a good flow. Joshua Williamson’s writing is incredibly griping, the dialogue between characters is witty and humorous without taking away from the drama. The only fault I have with it for this issue is that some parts of Killian’s monologue seems clunky and awkwardly worded, as if they were going for a more flowery, bard like approach but missed its mark ever so slightly causing it to just sounded bloated.

While I could continue to gush over the story and character dynamics the same can’t be said for the art style. Having changed over to Alejandro Aragon in issue #009, I don’t feel that his style is the best at bringing forth the grittier aspects of the story. The odd use of black splodges throughout the panels is clearly trying to give a an idea of the dirt and the darkness that goes hand in hand with Robocop but this artistic choice, to me, seems poor. It makes it look more like an old burnt out movie reel than making Detroit look rundown and in some panels it just takes away from the art when it looks like someone spilled ink over it. Some of the finer details on the panels, such as background characters lacks a certain grace, especially when compared to the art of earlier issues. There is also violent scene in the issue where the art just looks almost cartoon like, taking away from the realism that was portrayed in almost all other aspects of the issue. There is however one panel where Robocop is addressing a crowd of people who is incredibly striking and powerful image that captures a lot of the raw emotion of the characters and visualise it.

Artistic issues aside the art is still well down and captures the likeness of the actors of the original movie, while still giving life to the original characters and it isn’t enough to detract from the compelling story that is truly a continuation that fans of the movie will love. As the arc appears to be reaching a conclusion I can only hope that the coming chapters continue to be as compelling as the past ones have been.