Review: Romulus #1

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Romulus #1

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Bryan Hill
Art, Colours, Cover: Nelson Blake II
Lettering: Troy Peteri

Ashlar, daughter of Axis, is the “Wolf of the Ancient Order of Romulus”; the order are the people (the creatures?) who really run the world, those behind the ones who seem to be in charge. They are the followers of the she-wolf who nurtured Romulus, the first king of Rome. In her missions, Ashlar is partnered with her own mother. We understand that it’s a matriarchal society, where only the strongest females are allowed to survive.


One day, they are ordered to murder a ten-year-old boy. And Axis rebels, taking her daughter with her. Because she finally understood.

Romulus is the brainchild of Bryan Hill (Postal, Eden’s Fall), with art by Nelson Blake II (Artifacts). It is a story of war and revenge, of a perfect killing machine set against overwhelming forces in a mission that she chose for herself – if she hadn’t, nobody would be even trying to save the world from total destruction. Nobody would even know what’s happening.

I can’t add much more about the story, but what I can say is that… it’s good. I mean really, really good. There is danger, there is action, there are quite deep thoughts about the situation of the world, there is a very good, strong character (that I’m sure will grow in the next issues) and there is a fascinating story.


Of course, this being the first issue of the series, there’s still much more that has to be said and seen before we can judge Romulus, but it’s already clear that this will be an interesting story: already in this number one there are several scenes that suggest that we’ll see lots of action, lots of irony but also quite some deep reflections on the state of the world.

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Romulus 1

Romulus 1








        • Lots of action
        • Interesting main character


        • Plot still unclear