Review: Romulus #2

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Romulus #2

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Bryan Hill
Art, Colours, Cover: Nelson Blake II
Lettering: Troy Peteri with Deron Bennett

In issue #1 of Romulus, we met Ashlar. She is a Wolf of the Ancient Order of Romulus. The order are the people who run the whole world “behind the scenes”, and the Wolves are their weapons. And they are deadly. One day, Ash and her mentor – who happens to also be her mother – are ordered to murder a ten-year-old boy. And they snap. So the Order recruits an army of Hunters (the big ugly thing you see in the cover of this issue is one of them), who are augmented through pills and not trained from birth like the Wolves, to take all the Wolves down. And they do. Except for Ashlar. She is being hunted, but she has a mission: saving the five billion people the Order plans to get rid of in order to improve the world. In the process, she rescues a genius scientist called Nicholas Franklin from being kidnapped by a Hunter.


Issue #2 opens with Ashlar and Nicholas quietly discussing what happened. The scientists wishes to help the Wolf, but Ash only wants to bring him to some safe area in order to allow him to carry on with his research. This conversation forces the young woman to admit to some weakness – but also to show great strength.

Bryan Hill is already moving the posts for this series. In issue #1 we thought that Romulus would be a purely adrenaline-filled action series, while here we already understand that there will be much, much more depth. The criticism towards certain tiers of society becomes extremely clear, even though the author brilliantly hides it behind an attack against a fictional “control group”, the Order of Romulus.


The art by Nelson Blake II (who takes care of everything, colours included) is simply brilliant, in particular his skills with colouring shine here.

Despite the fact that we are still in the early stages of this series, Romulus seems to promise great things. Keep an eye on it!

Romulus #2

Romulus #2








        • Plenty of action
        • Interesting themes


        • Everything is still slightly unclear