REVIEW: Saga Volume 1

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Saga vol 1

I’d be lying if I said I was excited about starting Saga. The hype wagon on it is so huge, and I’m so dig-my-heels-in stubborn about that sort of thing that the experience did not appeal to me. BUT WHAT A FOOL I HAVE BEEN. You don’t even get three pages into the story and you know exactly the sort of tale this is going to be, the kind where anything could happen.

Everything about Saga feels utterly unique. The characters, the environments, the characters, the personalities of the characters, the characters, the situations, the characters, and finally the characters. So far through the series, I think my favorite character group are the television headed people. They seem to be the antagonists, but that’s okay because they’re interesting as all heck. Everything feels fleshed out, and it’s clear that the characters have stories, complication and suspense to keep this series going strong until it’s finished.

And that’s my prediction only after reading the first volume.

As I leaf through the pages, I’m reminded of all of the things I had forgotten after putting it down for a few days and going to other things. I hate how much I want to keep reading this. Everything just looks so good, and clear. For example within the first few pages of the book there is a giant battle between forest wizards, and robot-led, laser carrying soldiers, and you know what? It all just fits. Nothing seems out of place whatsoever. Staples’ art makes all of this weird stuff look normal.

What I like about Saga is that despite the extraordinary elements of this tale, at its foundation it’s a story about people, and that’s what it feels like. Birth, breastfeeding, war, racism, and feelings are all covered with such exquisite care that (at least where I am in the story anyway) there is no real unlikable character. I’m very excited to keep going with this series despite how much I did not want to jump on.

If you like Fiona Staples’ work here, and you’re in the market for a good mystery, you should try Steve Niles’ Mystery Society, for that solid rag tag band of crime solvers feel.

Saga Volume One
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Fiona Staples
Letterers: Fantagraphix

Overall rating: (10/10)